Remove shifter from body

Remove three bolts and plastic clip for shift interlock cable

Shift interlock cable separation detail

Remove electrical connection

Detach linkage

Step 1: Pry out on catch

Step 2: Push upward on clip

Remove shifter from linkage

Remove shifter from vehicle

Separate right half of electrical connector

Remove four tamper-resistant bolts

Note: Sears sells a set of tamper-resistant screwdriver kit for about $30 that includes the necessary bit.


Shifter unit seperated

Bottom half contains electrical contacts for gear selection indicator, top half contains Touchshift contacts and transmission control circuit.


Remove wood trim panel

Panel secured by two clips on each side.

NOTE: This unit has an aftermarket aluminum trim attached by adhesive in place of the factory wood panel.


Remove Touchshift electrical panel - Step 1

From bottom, find opening in shutter and align to expose plastic clip, pry apart with screwdriver

Remove Touchshift electrical panel - Step 2

Turn unit back over and push panel downward ou of housing

Touchshift and gear indicator separated from housing

Remove gear indicator panel by prying with screwdrive

Remove shiftgate pattern and shutter

Pry apart plastic clips as shown

Shiftgate, shutter and Touchshift control seperated

Remove Touchshift contact housing

Pry apart plastic clips as shown

Touchshift contacts

As shift lever is move left/right, these contacts move with it. Clean away any dpeosits with a pencil eraser or contact cleaner

Touchshift contacts

Contact on transmission control circuit - clean with pencil eraser or contact cleaner

Touchshift spring mechanism

Remove sliding contact panel by lifting up on it and lubricate spring and slide surface with appropriate grease